Namaste:  Welcome to Your Stress-Free Yoga Sanctuary

Breathe. Stretch. Smile. Now… isn’t that better?
Inhale deeply, and feel the calm, soothing energy of your breath.
Now. What if you felt that way all day long, regardless of the stressors in your life? 
And what if that was only part of what a regular yoga practice could bring you? 
What if, with each class, you actually saw  yourself becoming:
  ::  Stronger and more flexible
  ::  Fitter and healthier
  ::  More tranquil and resilient

Namaste: I’m Gina George, and my deepest wish for the Nurture Yoga website is that it becomes your gateway to ALL these things. In short, I want it to be your yoga sanctuary.

Experience peace, relaxation and stillness – both in class and beyond

Classes are the core of the Nurture Yoga sanctuary.
Perfect even if you’re a complete beginner, classes combine gentle poses, breathing exercises and meditation techniques.

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